Ariela Quinzi

Software developer, web developer

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Work experience

  1. Software development Municipalidad de Río Grande ( - )

    • Implemented new core features for municipal government administrative system, used by more than 3000 users
    • Wrote functional tests of features of the system that were missing
    • Created a basic video player using a playlist with local videos (web)
    • Created registration system for cultural events, automatically asign seats, according to guidelines for the pandemic context (2020). Send notifications of successful registration and reminders. Available to be used by all the city residents.
    • Frontend: increased by 5% the usability and accesibility of the interface (internal and external)
  2. Web development and websites administration Municipalidad de Río Grande ( - )

    • Oficial website adminstration and development (frontend and backend), with an average of 6000 users per month
    • Reviewed existing web pages to find and fix bugs, and implement enhacements to improve speed, achieving it by 40%
    • Increased SEO and accesibility by 15%
    • Added new features to oficial website to increase residents interaction, using APIs and custom scripts (Python/PHP)
    • Created plugins and modules to ease website administration or add functionality (WordPress).
    • Migrated a blog system from a paid system to a free opensource option: exporting posts using an API, instalation and configuration of the new system, data migration using custom scripts, updates and fixes for the design
    • Full website creation (design, frontend, backend) and administration CIAN project
  3. Fullstack web developer ( - )

    • Fullstack development (websites), analysis and design according to clients' requirements
    • Write clean and maintenable code
    • Extended CMS via custom plugins/shortcodes depending on clients' needs
    • REST API usage and creation
    • Extended custom systems to add new features
    • Implemented two important payment gateways (Mercado Pago, Paypal) in a custom made system
    • Created and designed a members system, where they can suscribe to the site, input points and exchange them for products. More than 1700 active users
    • Created a simple trivias system that gives points according to answers
    • Fix loading times, and increased SEO, accesibility, usability. Many times by 30%
    • Consultancy and administration services. Security and Malware cleaning
    • Translation
  4. Server administration Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Facultad Regional Río Grande ( - )

    • Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Microsoft Exchange 2010 administration.
    • Installation of Microsoft ISA Server and rules configuration.
    • Migration of Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Microsoft Exchange 2010.
    • Backups using NTBackup.
    • Joomla! installation and configuration.

Foreign languages


native speaker


advanced (writing, reading, speaking) ﹘ First Certificate in English (FCE) - 2007


basic (writing, reading)


  1. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional - Facultad Regional Río Grande graduated:

    Associate degree* in computer programming

Languages and technologies